Board Meeting Minutes:  April 19, 2012



Members in Attendance:



Members Absent/Excused:



Paul V. Ciochetti

Jill Marcus

Dan O’Connor

Peter Torrano

Sandy Wright



Gene O’Neill

Marty Ruff

Milton Thomas

Lisa Yarbor 



Scott Bates

Carol Bryan

Chris Cozzi

Marvin Gelfand

Tom Heavren

Arthur Hersh

John Landolfi




Comm. Emeritus Harold Osgood


















Chairman’s Report:  Jill Marcus.  


Meeting called to order 7:08PM  


Nancy Wyman will be the guest speaker for 3 Chiefs dinner in May. We will work around her schedule.


Paul Ciochetti thanked the board for the fruit basket and he is feeling much better now.


Minutes from the March meeting were approved.



President’s Report:  Pete Torrano.  


Pete stated that the primary reason for tonight’s meeting is due to the upcoming election of the  PCAC Officers and Directors in May. The Nominating committee met and Pete shared the following information:  Frank Cipriano and Deborah Wright have been nominated to replace Marty Ruff and Carol Bryan due to both of their terms expiring. Pete said that he spoke to Jill and both he and she agreed that when their own terms are up, they will step down to allow new people to take over their positions. Reason being: to get new ideas, and to move forward.


The Nominating committee’s proposed slate:


Chairman:                Jill Marcus

President:                 Pete Torrano

1st VP:                       Chris Cozzi

2nd VP:                      John Landolfi

Treasurer:                Marvin Gelfand

Asst. Treasurer:       Tom Heavren

Secretary:                Gene O’Neil          

Sergeant at Arms:   Sandy Wright


Board Members:     Deborah Wright

                                 Frank Cipriano

                                 Dan O’Connor


The PCAC membership will be advised in the upcoming newsletter that the May meeting will include voting on this proposed slate; and the elected officers and directors will be sworn in at the June business dinner meeting.  


Lawrence Laconte’s application for Associate member was read.  Motion was made to approve by Sandy, seconded by Paul, and having no discussion, all voted in favor.


Jill mentioned that the Ad book is work in progress and is coming along just fine.


Triple Stitch has been chosen to be the vendor to sell PCAC related merchandise. Once they set up their website, we will have a link to it from our website. It is hoped that Triple Stitch will publish a flyer 4 times a year, and this flyer will be included in our newsletters.


Jill mentioned that in the past, it was a lot of work to handle this merchandise with ordering, collecting money, delivering, keeping records, etc. It was very time consuming for those involved: herself, Carol, Sandy and Paul (and whoever else was involved). Now the entire process of selling PCAC merchandise will be handled completely by Triple Stitch.


Pete said that at the May dinner, the Ad books will be placed on the tables.


Having no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:35PM




Respectfully Submitted,



Kathie A. Powell

Executive Secretary