†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Board Meeting Minutes: February 23, 2012




Members in Attendance:



Members Absent:


Scott Bates

Chris Cozzi

Peter Torrano

Marvin Gelfand

Arthur Hersh

John Landolfi

Dan OíConnor


Marty Ruff

Milton Thomas

Sandy Wright

Lisa Yarbor




Comm.Emeritus Harold Osgood

Paul E Butler (guest)



Carol Bryan

Paul V. Ciochetti

Tom Heavren

Gene OíNeill

Jill Marcus

Willie Pabon














Chairmanís Report - Jill Marcus (excused):


The minutes of the last meeting were approved.



Presidentís Report - Peter Torrano:


March Business Dinner meeting:


There will be 3 honorees for Meritorious Service:


†††††††††††††††††† Norwalk Sergeant Frank Reda and his police service dog, Czar

†††††††††††††††††††† Stamford Officer William Garay

†††††††††††††† ††††††Danbury Sergeant John Krupinsky


They have been notified and plaques are on order.


June Business Meeting:


There will probably be 5 recipients from P.O.S.T. who will receive a firearm from Ruger.

Ruger has been contacted.


Dr. Lee event:


45 people have signed up for Dr. Lee and it is hoped to get 75 attendees, if not more. People have stated they will go and Peter requested that they please sign up. Sodexo Dining Services (located at the University of New Haven) will be doing the catering for this event.


ID Cards:


ID cards have been created for next year (July 2012 to June 2013) to coincide with our fiscal year. Each card has been printed with the memberís name; however, Peter had some blank cards made so that one can write the name in (to accommodate future new members). The pre-printed ID cards were given to Kathie to be eventually inserted in a future mailing.



Committee Reports and Miscellaneous:





Milton Thomas explained to the group the recent revisions to the By-Laws. Lisa Yarbor volunteered to type up the By-laws, and after completion, copies of the By-Laws will be professionally printed.


Because no minutes were taken at the January business dinner meeting, a motion was made by Marty Ruff to accept the revisions to the By-Laws, seconded by Arthur Hersh, and a vote was taken. All voted in favor.††


Election of Officers - May:


Nominations will be made in April. Harold Osgood, Tom Heavren, and Milton Thomas will be meeting in regard to this.


PCAC items offered for sale (i.e. key chains, hats, jackets, mugs, etc.):


The PCAC will offer items for sale through a PCAC approved vendor. Discussion ensued in regard to possible vendors and at a later date, a single vendor will be chosen to handle all aspects of selling and delivering the merchandise. The vendor will give to the PCAC a portion of the profit.



Associate Membership candidates:


Applications were read for 2 Associate Membership candidates and both candidates were accepted for membership.


It was voted to have the candidates appear at a Business Dinner meeting to be sworn in. Also, their card will say Associate Member.



Finance: ††Marvin Gelfand reported the balance in the treasury and that all bills are paid. John Landolfi distributed copies of the Stage 1 Budget to the board.


Legislative Committee:Chief MacNamara, George Kain and Scott Bates.


Scott wants to raise awareness on 2 things:


(1) The new fees at the Academy being imposed by the State. He feels things should be kept as they are. For his town, Stonington, the cost would be approximately $2000 to train new officers.


(2) A change in legislation which is being backed up by the chiefs which would grant statewide powers of arrest to all law enforcement officers outside of their jurisdiction when in uniform and on duty.



Meritorious Service:Christopher Cozzi


Chris has received a few applications. One is for a Danbury sergeant who dedicates a lot of time in offering assistance for the families of fallen officers. Another is for a Norwalk sergeant who had an altercation with multiple offenders and did not use deadly force. Lastly, for a Stamford police officer who was shot at but the offenderís gun mis-fired .


Membership: Peter Torrano and Dan OíConnor are going to the Watertown PD to meet with their commission in regard to joining the PCAC.



Old business: none.


New business: Commissioner Emeritus Harold Osgood (non-voting).


Harold talked in depth about the Police Memorial at the Police Academy. This memorial was built solely from contributions. It was dedicated in 1987. He and Tom Heavren have served on the Foundation Board since its inception. Harold recommends people to visit the memorial. When any federal, state or municipal officer loses their life in line of duty, their name will be engraved on the stone. There are names going back to the 1800ís. The biographies of all of the officers are there and one can get any copies. The Police Memorial has fundraisers throughout the year, and in May, there is dinner with speakers and a program. On the average, about 500 people attend this event which is held at the Aqua Turf in Southington.


Harold mentioned that the PCAC buys 4 tickets for this event. These are for the President, Chairman, and the 2 board members who sit on this committee. This year, the dinner is on May 7th at the Aqua Turf. The ticket price has been raised to $50. Table seating can be either for 8 or 10 people. The time: Happy Hour at 6PM, and dinner at 7PM, along with a guest speaker. The families of the fallen officers will be in attendance as well. The Foundation pays for their dinner tables and usually 2 tables get filled. Also, each year at this event, a survivor gives a speech.


A motion was made by John Landolfi to buy 4 tickets for dinner, seconded by Chris Cozzi, and discussion followed. Lisa Yarbor said that in the past, the PCAC donated $250 in addition to buying the 4 tickets. Motion was amended to include a $250 donation. A vote was taken and all voted in favor.


Harold said that there will be a memorial ceremony at the Memorial on May 23rd at 11AM. He said about 300-500 people attend. Any officer or agent that lost their life, there will be surviving family there, in addition to high ranking people from the State, including the Governor and Color Guard to make presentations.



The 3 Chiefs Distinguished Service Awards and Ad Book:


Peter said that Jill Marcus reports that many commitments have been made to contribute tothe Ad Book without even starting the formal process. The front and back pages have already been sold. Funds raised will be for scholarships only. Discussion ensued about having each scholarship be in the amount of $1000, and given out in the names of the Chiefs being honored. Also, to get the word out to more schools; and have the student write an essay which would then be given to the Education Committee to decide to whom to give the awards to. Information in regard to the Ad Book, in addition to the Ad Book form, will be included in the mailing of the March Business Dinner meeting.


Other:Peter said all the Committees are doing a great job and their efforts are much appreciated.



Meeting adjourned at 8:25PM


Respectfully Submitted,



Kathie A. Powell

Executive Secretary