Board Meeting Minutes:  June 21, 2012




Members in Attendance:



Members Absent:


Paul V. Ciochetti

Marvin Gelfand

Tom Heavren

Arthur Hersh

John Landolfi

Jill Marcus

Dan O’Connor

Peter Torrano

Sandy Wright

Deborah Wright*

Lisa Yarbor





Scott Bates

Carol Bryan

Chris Cozzi

Gene O’Neill

Willie Pabon

Marty Ruff

Milton Thomas





Comm.  Emeritus Harold Osgood























Chairman’s Report: Jill Marcus.


Meeting called to order at 7:12PM.


Minutes from the May 2012 meeting were approved.


No report this month.


President’s Report: Peter Torrano.


Carol and Marty will not be at the June dinner. A decision has to be made to give their appreciation awards at another meeting or in private. 


The Three Chiefs dinner went well.


To date, 47 people are signed up for the June dinner. John said that the guest speaker (The Honorable Vincent Candelora, State Representative 86th District) will be able to give an informative talk, including giving an update as to what is going on in the Connecticut Legislature. The new slate of officers will be sworn in. Also, the 5 top graduates of Post Academy will be awarded a Ruger firearm for their academic excellence. Additionally, Thomas Flaherty (Director of Training at Post) will be presented with an award to recognize him both as a friend and liaison.






Tom Heavren brought in some jackets with the PCAC logo embroidered on the front in order to give the Board an idea as to how future jackets will look like.  


Pete said that it is planned to have Triple Stitch create flyers every 3 months, to possibly offer seasonal items.


Some items, such as mugs, need to be ordered in bulk. What is not sold individually, Triple Stitch will hold them in reserve for future orders.


For the holiday party, Pete felt it would be good to continue giving out gifts as a gesture of good will. Discussion ensued in regard to either give a gift or not.


Pete brought up the idea of possibly eliminating future June dinner meetings, starting in 2013.


The swearing in of the new board takes place in the month of June. Pete and other board members stated that they felt that most people would not attend a dinner if sole purpose of the dinner was for the swearing in of the new Board of Directors. Peter suggested eliminating the June business dinner meeting. We could go to a restaurant at everyone’s own expense to do the swearing-in ceremony.  Discussion on this topic then ensued, including: Lisa said that we have had to cut back in the past, due to attendance. She said we have older members and many are no longer Active commissioners. She did not think there is anything wrong with eliminating the June meeting but possibly we may need to change the bylaws. Jill commented that the Three Chief’s dinner in May has a big attendance and many people like the Summer picnic, which has a big attendance as well. And June is in between, so she is in favor of eliminating the June business dinner meeting. Tom commented that June is a busy month for weddings and graduations. And Tom asked what do the bylaws say? In part:


All Officers shall be elected annually at the May meeting of the PCAC. The Officers shall be installed and assume their duties at the June PCAC meeting.


It was suggested that possibly the bylaws be changed to state: the officers will be sworn in at a June meeting.


After more discussion, Lisa made the following motion: Effective June 2013, there will be no formal business meeting and the officers will be sworn in at a special meeting. The motion was seconded and a vote taken: all voted in favor.


Per earlier discussion in regard to giving a small gift at the December Holiday party, Peter made a motion to provide a small gift to the attendees. The motion was seconded. After discussion, a vote was taken and the motion was approved.


Sandy reported on the August Summer picnic. The date will be August 22. The cost is $45. She said Anthony’s will be providing the same menu as last year and stressed nothing is being cut out.  


We do not yet have a contract from Anthony’s. But once we do, Marvin will send in the required deposit.


Deborah Wright was introduced to the group by Pete. Pete said that Deborah is a doer. Lisa said that as of Feb 2012 her (Lisa’s) term ended and Deborah is a very active member. Lisa went on to say that Deborah asked the questions that needed to be asked, that she has a background in finance, and is the Assistant Executive Director of Financial Operations at the West Haven Community House. Deborah was given a hearty welcome by all.   


Tom asked Deborah if she would like to serve on the Education committee. Tom desires Deborah’s view about her ideas on programs we can put together so as to be successful. Deborah spoke on a number of possible things the Education committee can put together and she illustrated a few examples. Deborah has many captivating ideas and it is very apparent to all that she will be a valued asset to PCAC and to any committee(s) she serves on.   


Pete stated that we need additional committee members. So far: Paul Butler, Dan Delancy (who is an associate member), and Bob Shanley have expressed interest in serving on committees. One of Pete’s goals is to get the committees to be active and have better communication.


Pete met with the Education committee twice recently. Professor and Commissioner, George Kain, is the Chairman. There are 2 other professors on the committee:  Associate member Pat Morris and Chief John DeCarlo (Branford).  Also serving on this committee are Commissioners Sam Bergami , Walter Bertotti, and Frank Cipriano. 


Pete wants to email George in regard to the scholarships. We have the money; we need to have a process in place in order to give away the money; we need to contact schools, and in doing so, what do we need to send to the schools?  


Pete has a real need for a Special Events committee. New associate members may want to be more involved than active commissioners since involvement is one of the criteria for being an associate member. The associate members have a keen interest in helping the organization. We need people to become more involved and we need active commissioners to be the chairs of the committees. We have many excellent resources, including Chief Gary MacNamara. But we need the committees to meet in order to get things done.   


Pete is hoping the committees can do things and report back at the board meetings. He does not want us to fall in the mold of being just a social organization. We need workers. Kathie and Pete will work on notices in an attempt to recruit members to serve on the committees.


There were 2 membership applications addressed at the meeting.


The first was for an Active Voting member:  Commissioner Andrew (Bud) Giaquinto Jr. from West Haven. No vote was required.


The second was for an Associate member: Norwalk Deputy Chief of Police, Thomas Kulhawik. (at the time of this writing, Tom is now serving as interim Norwalk Police Chief due to Chief Rilling stepping down).


A motion was made by Sandy to approve, seconded by Arthur. All voted in favor. Chief Kulhawik will be sworn in at the June dinner business meeting.


Pete needed dates for upcoming board meetings and dinner business meetings. The following list was derived after discussion, some of which was very animated:



08/22/2012 -  Picnic at Anthony’s (flyers will be sent out)


09/20/2012 -  Board Meeting


10/18/2012 -  Board Meeting

10/24/2012 -  Dinner Business Meeting


11/15/2012 -  TENTATIVE Board Meeting  



12/05/2012 -  Holiday Party (consensus is to have it at Grassy Hill)


01/24/2013 -  Board Meeting. We need to choose the 3 Chiefs at this meeting for the ad book


02/21/2013 -  TENTATIVE Board Meeting  


03/21/2013 -  Board Meeting

03/27/2013 -  Dinner Business Meeting


04/18/2013 -  Board Meeting


05/23/2013 -  Board Meeting

05/29/2013 -  Dinner Business Meeting


June 2013    -  To be decided. *


          *As Scarlet O’Hara would say in regard to what to do in June 2013, “I’ll worry about it tomorrow”.  


No 1st VP report

No 2nd VP report


Finance: Marvin Gelfand


Marvin gave a report of the monies in the treasury and it was approved.


We also have the $3000 for the 3 school scholarships.



Having no further business to come before the board, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn. All voted in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.



Respectfully Submitted,



Kathie A. Powell

Executive Secretary