Board Meeting Minutes:  March 22, 2012



Members in Attendance:



Members Absent/Excused:


Carol Bryan

Chris Cozzi

Marvin Gelfand

Arthur Hersh

Dan O’Connor



John Landolfi

Jill Marcus

Marty Ruff

Peter Torrano




Comm.  Emeritus Harold Osgood


Scott Bates

Paul V. Ciochetti

Tom Heavren

Gene O’Neill

Milton Thomas

Sandy Wright

Lisa Yarbor 
















Chairman’s Report:  Jill Marcus.  


Jill has proclamations from the Governor for both the Meritorious Service Award dinner being held March 28th, and for the 3 Distinguished Chiefs who will be honored on May 30th. She said that the proclamations are very beautiful and so meaningful. In regard to Meritorious Service, the Governor promoted recipient Norwalk Sergeant Frank Reda’s police service dog, Czar, to Sergeant.


Jill mentioned that Pete initially brought up the ad book idea. Jill is pleasantly surprised with its success as of now. To use her words:  the Ad book has taken off like gang busters! The 3 Chiefs being honored are Chief Nivakoff of Stamford, Chief Steward of Stonington and Chief Edson of Naugatuck. Their respective towns have contributed many ads for the book.


Jill hopes we can do an Ad book once a year for the 3 Chiefs event.  


Jill mentioned that Betty’s son, Larry, was very sick and back in the hospital. *


Minutes of the February meeting were approved.


*Note, as of this writing, we are sad to report that Larry passed away Easter morning.  


President’s Report:  Pete Torrano.


Pete stated that many contributions have been committed to ad book so far.   


The Dr. Lee event went quite well. A video was created by Paul Battista, who photographed the event. A link to the video will be placed on the PCAC website (and as of this writing, the link and photographs are on the website). Many compliments received about this event.  



Pete said that the May event (honoring the 3 Chiefs), is going quite well. We are bringing in tables of people; the ad book is doing better than expected.  George Kain (Professor and Commissioner) is now the new chair for Education Committee due to Commissioner Frank Cipriano’s decision to step down. Frank did a great job but felt it was time for someone else to take over the Chair, and Frank will remain on the Committee. Pete named additional Education Committee members: Pat Morris who is a professor; former Chief John DeCarlo who also is a  professor; Sam Bergami; and Walter Bertotti from Naugatuck.


The Education Committee is in the process of how we properly design the scholarship awards, how we give them out, what the criteria is going to be, and what schools we are going to contact, etc. All is going along smoothly. It is planned to give out the award in the name of the police chief and the chief will hand out the award to the deserving student. This will be good publicity.


For the June event, there will be 5 recipients for the Ruger firearm. These people are the top graduates from the Academy.


Jill stated that there have been contributions made in memory of past Branford Commissioner Joanne McGuigan. A part of these contributions will be funneled through the PCAC in order to award two scholarships of $1000 each in memory of Joanne. Joanne’s husband will contribute money every year towards the scholarship funds. It is planned to award scholarships every year.


Discussion about vendors. It was agreed upon to use a single vendor for jackets, mugs, shirts, badges, key chains, pins, etc. The vendor will handle all aspects of advertising, taking orders, collecting monies, delivering the orders, complying with State tax laws, etc. This will make for a streamlined process with the vendor shouldering the responsibility of all aspects of sales, and in turn, the PCAC will be given a share of the profits.


Treasurer’s Report:  Marvin Gelfand


Balance reported and scholarship funds will be separate from the general funds.


Committee Reports:  Jill requested a check for the Law Enforcement Recognition Luncheon held in June. And it related to Madd. Donations have been made in the past in the amount of $250; this amount provides a table and a ¼ page ad. A vote was taken and all approved.


Finance:    John Landolfi stated that the Committee turned in the budget last month.


Meritorious Service:    Chris Cozzi stated that the dinner is next Wednesday and he has received a few more submittals for review. Pete requested that we put into future business dinner flyers a comment that any department at any time who has an officer that they feel deserves recognition, the PCAC will consider the officer for the Meritorious Service Award at one of our dinners.


Membership:  Pete mentioned that we need people who are more accessible since some committee members are often out of state for 5 or more months and this causes some difficulty. Work will continue on having written procedures put in place, in addition to updating a manual pertaining to the State Statutes.  


The new bylaws have been typed up by Lisa. Pete said she did a beautiful job and Milton double-checked everything. Kathie Powell volunteered to set up the bylaws in booklet form and print. She will also post them to the website after approval. 


Nominating Committee: Pete said as of right now, there is one person who is going to be nominated to the Board and this is West Haven Commissioner Deborah Wright. Deborah is on the Finance Committee and she is a “go-getter” and wants very much to contribute her time and energy. Carol will be stepping down from the Board to make room for Deborah but Carol can remain active on committees. Willie Pabon has asked to step down as 1st V.P.  He is one of two Republican councilmen in his town and as a result, Willie has to attend many meetings and his time is being taken up by political activities. Thus Peter asked Chris Cozzi to move up to 1st V.P.  and that John Landolfi consider moving up to 2nd V.P. Both have agreed to do this. Arthur Hersh agreed to be nominated to the position of Sergeant at Arms; motion was seconded and all voted in favor. Marvin Gelfand will remain as Treasurer, and Tom Heavren will remain as Assistant Treasurer.  


Paul Ciochetti is feeling better and a motion was made, and passed, to send Paul a fruit basket and a get well card.


Old business:  Carl Battista did a super job with putting together a video collage which captured the moments of the evening at the Dr. Lee Event.


New business:   none


Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM




Respectfully Submitted,



Kathie A. Powell

Executive Secretary