Board Meeting Minutes:  May 24, 2012




Members in Attendance:



Members Absent:


Paul V. Ciochetti

Chris Cozzi

Marvin Gelfand

Tom Heavren

Arthur Hersh

John Landolfi

Jill Marcus

Dan O’Connor

Milton Thomas

Peter Torrano

Sandy Wright

Lisa Yarbor




Scott Bates

Carol Bryan

Gene O’Neill

Willie Pabon

Marty Ruff



Comm.  Emeritus Harold Osgood






















Chairman’s Report: Jill Marcus.

Jill deferred her report to Peter Torrano since they are working together on some of the same things.


Minutes from the April 2012 meeting were approved.


President’s Report: Peter Torrano.

Peter read into the record 4 Associate Member applications.

As each was read, discussion ensued, and then a vote was taken.


The following 4 people were voted in unanimously:


(1) Patrick Morris. Pat is from Norwalk and is sponsored by Peter Torrano. Pat has been working on the Education Committee for quite some time, thus his first year’s dues have been waived per a past directive from the Board. He is an assistant professor at Sacred Heart University.


(2) Michael Vitello. Michael is from Monroe and is sponsored by Anthony Salce, Sr. Michael is a general contractor and the president of the Salce Contracting Associates, Inc., located in Stratford, CT.


(3) Anthony Salce, Jr. Anthony is the son of Anthony Salce, Sr. He is sponsored by his Dad, and also works at his Dad’s business.


(4) Larry LaConte. Sponsored by Commissioner John Pellegrino.


Peter also read into the record an application for Active Commissioner:


Patrick J. Moukawsher. Sponsored by Commissioner Susette Tibus of Stonington.

A vote was taken and approved, unanimously.



Peter mentioned that dues notices will be sent out. Dues are due July 1, 2012. Tom Heavren mentioned that people, who join the Association in the months from April to June, do not have to pay dues for the following fiscal year.


The Distinguished Chiefs Awards Dinner will be next week, May 30th.


The Ad Book is all set to go to final press. Pete mentioned it is a great success. He figures the Ad Book will bring in around $5200. The cost of putting the book together is around $1000. The money is to be used only for scholarships. Marvin confirmed that the figure at the meeting was approaching $5000, but expected at final count to reach around $5200.


As of the meeting, 125 people have paid for the dinner. There are approximately 190 people on the list. Peter feels that we can easily top the 200 mark. He has ordered, so far, 150 Ad Books for the dinner with books earmarked for the Chiefs and their family.


And it is planned to have an Honor Guard for this event (per tradition).


The plaques and citations are ready.


Nancy Wyman can’t make the meeting due to having to be in Washington D.C. the night of the dinner. House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero, Jr. has agreed to be the guest speaker. Pete mentioned that Larry is an excellent speaker and has the ability to personalize his speeches.


Pete gave an outline of the night’s events:


(1) Approximately at 7:20 to 7:25, the Honorable Lawrence Cafero, Jr.  will speak.

(2) There will be a vote taken for the board of directors. Milton Thomas will introduce the propose slate.

(3) Swear in the new people who show up.

(4) For the awards to be presented to the 3 Chiefs: Milton will introduce the Stamford Chief, due to Milton being the Chairman.  And then the commissioners will introduce their respective chiefs.


Pete stated that the Chiefs will be introduced in alphabetical order.  This dinner is an event centering on the commissioners honoring their respective police departments and Chiefs.

He hopes that the Chiefs and their Commissioners will walk away from this dinner feeling special.   


Pete also plans to mention scholarships at the dinner. He wants to let the Chiefs know that each scholarship will be given out in their names so that the Chiefs will come back to do the presentation.


The night’s agenda will be put on the tables so that everyone will know the planned events of the evening. 


June Dinner:  The dinner will be held June 27th at Grassy Hill Country Club. Pete has purchased plaques for Marty and Carol, and one for Thomas Flaherty. At this dinner, the PCAC will be honoring the 5 top graduates of P.O.S.T. Ruger has the guns engraved already. Jill normally would swear in the new PCAC officers and directors, but she will be out of state. John Landolfi confirmed (after the close of the meeting) that State Representative Vincent Candelora will do the honors. He is from the 86th district.


Peter said he would work with Kathie to prepare the June dinner meeting notice. At some point, we will be seeking volunteers for the various committees and a notice will be sent out. Presently, George Kain is the new committee chairman for the Education Committee. We lost Scott Bates due to his involvement in Washington, D.C. In regard to the Legislation Committee, Bob Shanley has expressed interest, along with Gary MacNamara.  


A date has been set for the annual “Summer Picnic” which will be held once again at Anthony’s in East Haven. The prices have increased (mostly due to the cost of the lobsters, which are a draw to the event). Cost per person will be $45.


Lisa interjected to compliment Kathie on doing a great job. (Thank you Lisa – KAP).


Pete has some baskets that he and his wife won. He will donate baskets; and he is asking the board to donate baskets as well for the picnic.


Chris suggested that we perhaps ask Triple Stitch to donate something for the raffle.


Pete mentioned that about 52 people have been dropped from our mailing list due to not having paid their dues for 2011-2012. Some possible changes were proposed by Pete and these have been deferred to a future meeting.


Pete also asked the board to assist Betty Paquin to help people with seating. She has sent out at least 125 tickets and it is planned to use an easel with table assignments.


Milton raised a question in regard to publicity. Is anything being done? Lisa told the group that she is willing to help with this task. She is personal friends with Keith Kuntz from Channel 8 News, in addition to being friends with a cameraman.  Jill said she would call the three police departments and speak with their Public Relations person. She also said she would get information to the Stamford Advocate.


With the above said, Pete suggested that perhaps we should form a Public Relations Committee.


And on this note, there was a motion to adjourn; it was seconded and all were in agreement to close the meeting at 8:50PM.



Respectfully Submitted,



Kathie A. Powell

Executive Secretary