October 20, 2011

 Board Meeting Minutes


Roll Call:


In Attendance: President Peter Torrano, Milton Thomas, Dan O’Connor, Marvin Gelfand, Arthur Hersh, and Gene O’Neill


Excused Absences: Chairman Jill Marcus, Tom Heavren, Carol Bryan, Scott Bates, Lisa Yarbor, Wille Pabon, Paul Ciochetti,

and Marty Ruff.


Unexcused Absences: Christopher Cozzi, Sandy Wright, and John Landolfi



Chair report:  Nothing to report  



President’s Report:


Report on the 3 Chiefs (Distinguished Chiefs Award): Only one nomination has been submitted to date. Commissioner Milton Thomas
 has recommended Stamford Police Chief Robert Nivakoff and he also submitted a very detailed biography. There are at least two
 other chiefs that we are aware of who will be nominated, and possibly a third. Submission of names does not close until December 15th.



1st VP Report:  President Pete Torrano spoke on the behalf of Willie Pabon.


A vote was taken to cancel the October dinner business meeting.  


There will be a Holiday party on December 7, 2011 at the Grassy Hill Country Club.



2nd VP Report:  No report



Finance Committee:  John Landolfi, Chairman


Marvin Gelfand reported that there is $12,068.70 in the treasury.  


Some discussion ensued in regard to the possibility of obtaining 501 3c status. This remains a work in progress.


Peter mentioned that he found a lot of history of the organization, some dating back to 1978, and he plans to organize into 3-ring binders.


Marvin and Gene O’Neill have been in the process of cleaning up the membership list.



Membership Committee:  Gene O’Neill, Chairman


Chairman Gene O’Neill reported on a few items. He is working on getting all Bridgeport Commissioners current with their dues.

He is in receipt of the first batch of blue name tags and he plans to send them all out at once.


Peter made some additional comments in regard to getting more Commissioners involved with the Organization,

especially the newer members.  He would like to put together a packet of information about “who we are, what we are” so that

every new Commissioner will learn more about the Organization:  our by-laws, what our mission statement is, how to use the

PCACT web site, what our goals are, what committees we have which should include a list of the committee members and what

we do on the committees … so that it will generate some interest. Bottom line: to make any new Commissioner feel welcomed

and afford them the opportunity to become involved by sitting on the board and/or committees.



Meritorious Committee: No report



Education Committee:  Frank Cipriano, Chairman


Last month, Pete met with Frank and John DeCarlo of the University of New Haven and they talked about what they are

planning to do for us for training the Commissioners.  Since that time, they have contacted other members of their committee

and they have started some things in motion. One idea is to have a highly qualified person coming in to each of our business

dinner meetings and taking a small segment of the training and give us our training right there. This can be a 15 minute segment

and the person doesn’t have to be our guest speaker. We can have a guest speaker on top of that. It would afford us the opportunity

to learn more things. John DeCarlo and the Education Committee have been quite busy working under Frank, to further advance

our education and the Board appreciates their efforts.



Legislative Committee:  No report


Scott Bates was not in attendance because he is meeting with the President of Kosovo for the 
government, but even under those pressing circumstances he has kept in touch with Peter via email. 


Pete praised Scott for what he has been doing on the legislative front. Scott has already made contact with the Attorney General’s

office, with certain state legislators, and once the session comes back in, Scott plans to get very involved along with his committee

which includes Gary MacNamara and George Kain.


By-Laws Committee:  Milton Thomas, Chairman


Milton said he is still working on the by-laws. He wants to work on the language to be sure it is right and he does plan to get

this done.


Associate Membership.  This is a work in progress, and plans are under way to design the application form, publish it and get it

out to people.


Old business: none


New Business: 


Dec 7th  will be the Holiday party at Grassy Hill Country Club in Orange. A flyer will be sent out.


Pete said he had one thing under new business and that was what he gave to Milton. He said that the Association had a manual

for Commissioners, dating back to 1998. He would like to bring this up to date with Milton’s help. Once this is accomplished, then

it can be distributed to all the members of the Association. It will basically detail and outline what people are supposed to do

as Commissioners.      


The Board of Directors appreciates all the work that is being done by all of the Committees. Everyone is doing a great job.



Meeting adjourned at 8:20PM



Respectfully Submitted by,



Kathie A. Powell

Executive Secretary