Highlights of the Board Meeting held on 09/22/2011

Roll Call:

1.       Dan O’Connor

2.       Pete Torrano

3.       Willie Pabon

4.       Chris Cozzi

5.       Paul V. Ciochetti

6.       Marty Ruff

7.       Tom Heavren

8.       Marvin Gelfand

9.       Arthur Hersh

10.   Milton C. Thomas

              Commissioner Emeritus Harold Osgood (non-voting)


At 7:30, meeting called to order by Pete Torrano.

Pete introduced the new executive secretary, Kathie Powell. He also mentioned that she is the current web manager.

Pete talked about the PCACT.ORG website and encouraged the commissioners to view the website to see all the changes that have taken place. It is planned to expand the content of the website.

Pete informed the group that the PCAC now has a new post office box, located in Stratford. It is P.O. Box 22, Stratford, CT 06615. Additionally all future dues will be mailed to this new address.

Pete has ordered new letterhead stationery (to reflect the new address), 50 gold pins, and a dozen paperweights.

Pete asked for committee reports.

By-Laws Committee:  Milton Thomas

Milton reported that he checked the Chiefs of Police bylaws in regard to associate members. They have associate memberships. The focus is on people who are concerned about all facets of law enforcement.  


The commissioners discussed the idea of the PCAC having associate members.  A motion was made to have associate members with the following provisions:  they would be allowed to have pins and window stickers BUT they will have no vote and no special license plate. There will be a one-time initiation fee of $35 and the yearly dues will be $35. The motion was seconded and voted upon. The motion passed.


A question was asked of Milton about the status of the Bylaws due to the recent changes to them.

Milton’s response:  the Bylaws are still a work in progress.


Meritorious Committee:  Chris Cozzi


Chris met with Fran Synder and Stamford Chief Nivakoff. He mentioned that Fran has contacts all over the state and the committee will be doing an outreach in regard to getting submissions from chiefs for persons deserving the meritorious award.


He suggested putting up a PDF document on the website in regard to submitting a name for the award. 


The committee will search out those deserving of meritorious mention throughout the year and the PCAC will give awards at any meeting.

The distinguished service will be one meeting, probably the one in March.

Chris asked the group for articles from newspapers, internet, etc. so that he can create a file in regard to the possibility of presenting awards.


Treasurers Report:  Marvin Gelfand

Cash balance on hand: $13,632.78

Marvin is in the process of reviewing the now current membership list, and will revise as necessary.


501-3c status is being considered. 

It is planned to add more information on the website, such as a brief treasurer’s report, posting information that would be of interest to the public, highlights of the board meetings, etc.

For future dinner meetings, per the ByLaws, there will be a very brief business meeting. 

Education Committee:  Pete Torrano

Frank Cipriano and John DeCarlo have some great ideas. They want to train people at the meetings.

Pete plans to have guest speakers to talk about things relevant to police issues. The Education Committee is in the process of putting together information and plans to mail out flyers in regard to what the commissioners are interested in knowing about and learning.

Special Events Committee:

Tom Faherty has been contacted for a visit to Post.

It is planned to organize a visit to Dr. Lee’s school at the University of New Haven in March, with commissioners given priority over non-commissioners.

It is planned to have a tour of the Post Academy in April, with the hope that the pistol range will be active. Pete hopes to get at least 15 active commissioners to attend.

Legislative Committee:  Scott Bates

Pete read Scott’s memo about the goal of getting proposed bills, meetings with legislators.

The Chief of Police from Fairfield (Gary MacNamara) and Georg Kain along with Chairman Scott Bates, are very active in regard to obtaining information pertaining to the legislative front.

Dinner Committee:   Willie Pabon

5 dates: October, January, March, May and June.

A suggestion was made to have a Holiday party dinner meeting in December.

The board decided to go ahead with the party, more details to follow in the very near future.