November 17, 2011 

Board Meeting Minutes



Roll Call:


In Attendance: President Peter Torrano, Chairman Jill Marcus, Arthur Hersh, Scott Bates, Paul Ciochetti, Christopher Cozzi, Thomas Heavren, John Landolfi, Dan O’Connor, Willie Pabon, Marty Ruff, Sandy Wright


Execused Absences: Carol Bryan, Marvin Gelfand, Gene O’Neill, Commissioner Emeritus Harold Osgood (non-voting), Milton Thomas, Lisa Yarbor



Chair Report: Jill Marcus opened the meeting at 7:30PM. She started off with the Executive Secretary’s report from October, and because everyone was emailed a copy, the reading of last month’s minutes was waived. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes. All voted in favor. Jill stated that the website looks great and thanked the Executive Secretary. She then asked for the President’s report.



Presidents Report: Peter Torrano


Report on the 3 Chiefs (Distinguished Chiefs Award): To date, Peter reported that he has 3 nominations (Naugatuck, Madison, and Stamford). He is anticipating receiving a couple more. The resumes will be sent out to the board members and that each board member can review them from home in preparation for the vote that will be taken at the January Board Meeting for the most deserving.


Compilation of a manual for Police Commissioners: Peter stated that Jonathan Einhorn is in the process of updating a manual that existed in 1998. In the manual are all the different statutes that affect us as Police Commissioners and also has Traffic Authority numbers. Once updated, this manual would then become an official document of the Association. Peter suggested that this document (manual) be given to each newly sworn in Commissioner to serve as a guide.


Holiday Party:  Gifts are on order. 


Window Decals and miscellaneous: More window decals have been made and they are blue and yellow. Peter had 50 more lapel pins made to give out to new Commissioners and he has gifts for guest speakers.



Legislative Committee: Scott Bates


Scott said he thinks there is an issue that the PCAC might want to focus on in the coming legislative session and he does not know if it has a legislative remedy, but it came in front of his Police Commission. The State is now going to start charging fees for P.O.S.T. and his city has new recruits. The cost can become substantial for small towns like his (Stonington).  


This would be something we would have common purpose with Chiefs. It would be a nice opportunity to meet with the chiefs, begin a discussion about what they are looking at in the year ahead and this is something we would have in common.


In the coming month or two, Scott recommended that he, our president and anyone else interested, meet with chairs of relevant committees and hear what they think are priorities and have a conversation; to reintroduce ourselves. And meet with Legislative chairs and stop in to the Governor’s office to talk about what their priorities are too.


Scott is looking for people to serve on the Legislative Committee.



Dinner Committee: Willie Pabon   


Holiday party. People have been signing up for the party and the restaurant is requesting 7 days before the event to give them a number. We are not locked into this number; the restaurant will have additional meals but if we have walk-ins that night, they may not a have choice of 3 meals…they may have a choice of one.


Some discussion took place, with Pete mentioning that there is information in regard to the Holiday party on the website, and if anyone has any news of interest, to send to Kathie to have it published on the site.  


January Dinner Meeting. Willie stated that, as of now, it will be the last Wednesday, (January 25, 2012), at Zandri’s.


Meritorious Committee: Christopher Cozzi


Chris is soliciting for news articles and gathering information. He said that Marty showed him many articles from the New Haven Register pertaining to the Hamden police officer and a civilian saving a girl’s life in September. He is encouraging everyone that if they see any good articles out there, to cut them out and give to him; or email to him. If Chris receives submissions by email, Pete suggested for Chris to forward them to the board members so that they can review the information. If Chris receives many submissions, the potential is there to have a Meritorious Service Award ceremony on an ongoing basis throughout the season. Also, people deserving of this award do not necessarily have to be police officers.


Marty suggested that the January business dinner meeting would be a good night to honor the Hamden officer and the civilian. Even though there is the possibility of having to cancel the dinner due to bad weather, it was decided to continue with the plan of honoring these 2 people. 



By-Laws Revision Committee:  Paul Ciochetti


Paul said that Milton Thomas called him, and also faxed information to him about membership. Paul gave the highlights, notably pertaining to adding another classification: Associate Membership.


Pete said that the proposed Associate membership will have to be presented at the January meeting, and if approved, it then will be incorporated into our by-laws, along with the changes that have to do with our tax exempt status. Once everything is finalized, the by-laws will be reprinted.



Finance Committee.  John Landolfi


Peter said that John Landolfi is going to put together a budget, along with Marvin Gelfand. Pete, John and Marvin will meet in Fairfield at Marvin’s office on November 28th.


Per an email to Pete, Marvin reports $12,000+ in the treasury.



Nominating Committee.  Tom Heavren


The Nominating Committee met on Oct. 19th. Tom said that Marvin had gone through all the delinquents on the list and Tom feels that as of now, the membership list should be up to date. Marvin has also been doing follow up by telephone. It is planned to send out a letter to the different departments requesting the names of people who have been appointed or elected as Commissioners. And we will make an effort to extend ourselves by mail, or email as the case may be, inviting them to come see what we are all about.


Tom also said they (the Nominating Committee) asked to meet with the Education Committee and discuss programs of interest to see if we could incorporate things of interest for new members. And also get a feel for what the Commissioners would like to see us present in the way of programs. Members should be aware that membership enrollment forms are available on the web, so if you have a perspective member on your Commission and you want him/her to join our association, you can get the form off of the website.  






Special Events Committee.  Carol Bryan


Pete reported that with Carol not being here, he has taken over in her absence. He arranged with Chief Flaherty that we will be touring P.O.S.T.  Academy on April 19, 2011 at 1 PM. Chief Flaherty gave him the agenda, and this has been posted on our PCAC website.


Pete wants to advertise this tour. He plans to send out emails and separate flyers. There will be no cost to attend. He also mentioned having town officials attend as well, so this is not necessarily limited to Commissioners.




New Business: Tom Heavren asked about having “Policing the Police” article posted on the website. {This article was posted within a couple of days after the meeting, after obtaining permission from the author}.



Meeting adjourned at 8:25PM.



Respectfully Submitted by,



Kathie A. Powell

Executive Secretary