Board Meeting Minutes:  October 18, 2012




Members in Attendance:



Members Absent:


Frank Cipriano

Chris Cozzi

Marvin Gelfand

Arthur Hersh

Jill Marcus

Dan O’Connor

Gene O’Neill

Pete Torrano

Sandy Wright

Lisa Yarbor




Scott Bates

Paul V. Ciochetti

Tom Heavren

John Landolfi

Willie Pabon

Milton Thomas

Deborah Wright







Comm.  Emeritus Harold Osgood

























Chairman’s Report: Jill Marcus.


Meeting called to order at 7:07PM


Meeting minutes were approved from September 2012 Meeting.


At the time of the meeting, Jill reported that 30 people are coming to the business dinner meeting being held next week. However, there are board members who plan to attend, so this will bring the count up. Chris thinks we may end up with 50 attendees.


Much discussion ensued in regard to dinner meetings attendance in general. We are getting less than hoped for attendance. There was a general consensus that it is the sign of the times monetarily: factor in the cost of the meal, gas and travel time to the banquet hall, price of drinks, etc.


How to draw people in? The general feeling was that we need to have guest speakers of high caliber that will provide informative, interesting and exciting speeches.  


Pete mentioned that the banquet hall requires a minimum of 50 meals, thus we are losing money when only 30 people attend. We have already eliminated the January and April dinners. He also stated that unless we are honoring people, we do not get a good turnout.  


Right now, we will be having dinner business meetings in October, March and May. We cannot cut back further; if we do, we will have no Organization. And we have 2 “get-togethers”: the Holiday party in December and the Summer Clambake in August.


Lisa suggested that we do a survey of the total membership: ask what they want, why they are not attending, etc. This way, hopefully we can find out what the issues are instead of the Board guessing. She is willing to take this task on.


A discussion then ensued in regard to dues payments. Upon calling the people who did not pay their dues, the following are some of the reasons given: 


                                                          Forgot to pay

                                                          Assumed their departments sent in the dues


                                                          No longer Active Commissioners

                                                          No longer interested in the Organization


Pete states he needs to meet with Marvin and Tom in order to work a better way to collect the dues next year. The process needs to be worked on because this year’s dues collection did not flow smoothly.


Frank spoke to a member who said he paid twice and asked Marvin to kindly follow up on this. He also said that many people he had to call have unlisted phone numbers and perhaps sending a letter may be a better way to follow up on the non-payment of dues.


Discussion then digressed back to the lack of attendance at the dinner meetings.


Pete:       We need to try to make our meetings more interesting.

                We need to get high quality speakers.


Arthur:    Jill has the connections to get good speakers. He’d like Jill to obtain the speakers.


Jill:           9 years ago, the meeting room was packed by members of the same group. These

                people are now in their 80’s.


Pete:        Jill is tapped out. Need exciting speakers. Bring in “entertainers”, like Dr. Lee.


Arthur:    Jill had political people, both republican and democratic, speak at past dinners.


Pete:       We invited the Lt. Governor and Gov. Malloy to our dinners but they cancelled at the

                last moment.


Dan:         We need to get someone who can teach the commissioners something. Dynamic

                  speakers needed.


Pete:         We have good crowds for the Chief’s Awards.


There was some discussion that centered on giving out awards which draws people in.


Lisa:          We shouldn’t give awards for the sake of giving awards. Focus on speakers.


Pete:         We got to work on this and not drop the ball. All of the Board knows people who  

                  could be potential speakers.


Arthur:    Feels Jill should find speakers. He also said Gary MacNamara is a

                 performer and could be a possible candidate


Pete:        We need to have a well-known name and suggested Bobby Valentine. Pete was not

                  opposed to having sports figures come and speak.


Arthur:    Feels we need to have speakers that have something to do with the police.


Chris:       This is all about the marketing.


Arthur:     He suggested bringing in 2 or 3 veteran Chiefs as a panel. They would speak at a

                  dinner meeting in regards to current happenings and have a “Question and Answer”

                  session with the crowd. We would select current Chiefs (no retirees).


Everyone liked Arthur’s idea.



And moving on……..


President’s Report: Pete Torrano.


We have 3 member applications:


Associate Applicant: Lori Torrano (Pete’s wife).


Lori is a financial advisor and a hospital Chaplain.  (It was noted by Lisa that the Organization does not have a Chaplain and the Board felt that Lori could serve in this capacity). 


Active Applicants:


Brad Parsons  -  Commissioner in Berli

Ryan Zelek      -  Commissioner in Berlin


All 3 were approved for membership.



No 1st VP report. 


No 2nd VP report.


Meritorious Committee: 


Chris has no activity for Meritorious Service.  Jill suggested that when reading the newspaper and you see something worthy of meritorious service: cut it out and submit to Chris.




Jill mentioned that Betty Paquin does a super job with keeping track of the reservations and Marvin stated for the record: Betty gives a great report.


Treasurer Report:


Marvin stated that all bills are paid.


A donation was made to the American Lung Association in memory of John Landolfi’s wife, Jean.


Pete requested that Marvin send in the deposit for the Holiday party.


New Business.


Frank is going to nominate Watertown Chief, John Gavallas, for the Distinguished Chief Award.


Pete mentioned the possibility of nominating Chief Drumm of Madison and Chief Lombardo of Wilton.


Jill mentioned that Bernie McLoughlin has a recommendation.


Having no further business to come before the board, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn. All voted in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.



Respectfully Submitted,



Kathie A. Powell

Executive Secretary



Upcoming events:


10/24/2012 -  Dinner Business Meeting


11/15/2012 -  TENTATIVE Board Meeting (This date has been posted to the website as the next                   

                          scheduled Board meeting)



12/05/2012 -  Holiday Party (consensus is to have it at Grassy Hill)


01/24/2013 -  Board Meeting. We need to choose the 3 Chiefs at this meeting for the ad book


02/21/2013 -  TENTATIVE Board Meeting 


03/21/2013 -  Board Meeting

03/27/2013 -  Dinner Business Meeting


04/18/2013 -  Board Meeting


05/23/2013 -  Board Meeting

05/29/2013 -  Dinner Business Meeting


June 2013    -  To be decided. *


          *As Scarlet O’Hara would say in regard to what to do in June 2013, “I’ll worry about it tomorrow”.