Board Meeting Minutes:  January 19, 2012




Members in Attendance:



Members Absent:



                  Christopher Cozzi

                  Marvin Gelfand

                  Arthur R. Hersh

                  John Landolfi

                  Dan O’Connor

                  Peter Torrano



       Scott Bates

       Carol Bryan

       Paul Ciochetti

       Tom Heavren

       Jill Marcus

       Gene O’Neill


         Willie Pabon

         Marty Ruff

         Milton Thomas

         Sandy Wright

         Lisa Yarbor


Harold Osgood, C.E. (non-voting)















Chairman’s Report:  nothing to report



President’s Report: Peter Torrano


The minutes of the last meeting were approved.


Kathie Powell, executive secretary, requested to read into the minutes “Correspondence” due to receiving correspondence from the public, in addition to receiving reservations for the upcoming tour at the Dr. Henry Lee School of Forensic Studies, situated at the University of New Haven.


Kathie read into the record a letter from Jackie Alessio who lives in Stamford and is a domestic violence shelter advocate at The Umbrella in Ansonia. She was asked for cooperation in safety for the women at the shelter, in addition to hers. Her letter will be passed along to the appropriate authorities.


Peter mentioned that the “Three Chiefs” event is coming up. The board selected 3 out of the 4 nominations. The board did not select the chief of Madison. Although this chief has a very good resume and was a chief previously in another town, it was pointed out that he is a relatively new chief in Madison. Chiefs from the following municipalities were chosen: Naugatuck, Stamford and Stonington.


Discussion ensued regarding an “Ad Book”. Peter stated that Milton Thomas supplied a list of people who had donated in the past for things like this. Jill Marcus will be heading the Campaign Committee for the “Ad Book”. It was noted that in order to have an “Ad Book”, the solicitation for funds needs to have a purpose. So for this year, the “Ad Book” will be dedicated to the PCAC Scholarship fund.


Right now, Peter mentioned that the PCAC gives out one scholarship, and also donates to the Police Memorial fund. A few years ago, Commissioner George Kain (who is a professor at Western Connecticut State University) started this scholarship just for a Western Connecticut State University student. Peter would like to expand the scholarships to additional schools, such as:  Sacred Heart University and the University of New Haven due to having Commissioners involved with these schools. Price for different size ads needs to be determined. The “Ad Book” will be a good way to get our name out, in addition to the scholarships. These scholarships will be given out once a year. Thoughts right now: schools will get to know who and what the PCAC is all about.


New Commissioners have been identified across the state. There are 44 municipalities with Police Commissions. Peter said we will be contacting them to see if they want to join our organization, or rejoin.



1st VP report:  Willie Pabon (absent), so Pete Torrano spoke on his behalf.


The Dr. Lee and Meritorious Service Awards events are coming up in March. The Dr. Lee event is being held on March 15 from 5PM to 8PM at the Dr. Henry Lee School of Forensic Studies located at the University of New Haven. This event is being sponsored by the PCAC and is being hosted by Dr. Lee.  Buffet food and cocktails will be served at cocktail tables; we will tour the building and have conversations with Dr. Lee; there will be photo opportunities where one can have their picture taken with Dr. Lee; etc. It will give students an opportunity to see the school. Also a number of professors plan to attend, in addition to some of their students. There is a high expectation that we will draw in a lot of people to this event, especially due to the fact that Dr. Lee is a world renowned forensics scientist. More information on this event is under the “Events” tab.


The Meritorious Service Awards dinner is being held on March 28th at the Grassy Hill Country Club, Orange from 6PM to over. Pete said that Chris Cozzi’s committee may be able to get 4 instead of 3 honorees.


Also, future dinner business meetings will be held at the Grassy Hill Country Club in Orange.



2nd VP report: Christopher Cozzi.  


Further candidates for the March 28th’s dinner for Meritorious Service need to be submitted. He composed a letter to solicit for candidates and it was approved to send his letter via email to all Commissioners having email addresses on file.  He asked for the board members to start their own personal files, so if they see an article in a newspaper, for example, they can clip it out and put into the file for future review.



Committee Reports:




The Treasurer’s Report was given by Marvin Gelfand.


John Landolfi: He, Peter and Marvin had a meeting and, as a result, Marvin has put up stage 1 budget.  He stated that it was planned to firm things up and print out the budget within about 1 week.  


Meritorious Service:  already addressed earlier.





Work continues by the Membership Committee in identifying present and past members in order to expand the current membership. 


Education: Peter Torrano.


Professor George Kain (who is also a commissioner), Professor Patrick Morris, Professor John DeCarlo, Commissioner Walter Bertutti and Committee Chairman Frank Cipriano, will be putting together information relevant to active commissioners and will speak at some of our dinner meetings on various topics of interest.



Old business: none.


New business: Discussion ensued in regard to changing the Board meeting time from 7:30PM to 7:00PM. A motion was made by Arthur, and it was seconded by Chris. All voted in favor. This was approved contingent upon a majority vote of the Board. Peter said he would contact the other Board members for their vote.


Meeting adjourned at 8:50PM


Note: Peter subsequently polled the absent board members, and the new meeting time was approved by a majority vote. THUS, future Board of Directors meetings will be held at 7:00PM.


Respectfully Submitted,



Kathie A. Powell

Executive Secretary