The PCAC is moving forward with some exciting news. Revisions to the By- Laws were proposed, agreed upon by the Board of Directors, and sent forward to a vote of the general membership present at the May, 2011 dinner meeting. The changes in the By-Laws were accepted and approved by unanimous vote.

The changes are these:

1.A new board designation titled Emeritus Board Member has been created. The criteria for obtaining this title is that a person must have been a board member for a minimum of ten years; must have held the title of both President and Chairman; and that person’s name must be submitted for consideration and approved by vote of the Board of Directors. The person chosen will be a non-voting member of the board, and will not be required to pay dues. We are honored to announce that the first two persons receiving the honor are Norwalk Commissioner Harold Osgood, and West Haven Commissioner Paul Bernstein (honored posthumously).

2.The second change is to Article XIII: Committees, sec.1. Under the previous By- Law covered by this article the “President shall appoint the Chairman for each committee. The Committee Chairman will staff the committee sourcing members from the Board and membership at large.” The new By-Law allows for two changes: The first is that the Chairman and President shall staff the committees with members holding two year terms, and the second is that the committees can now be staffed with persons who are not Commissioners, but people with vested interests in policing and community, such as police chiefs, professors, civic leader, etc. All Chairmen must be Commissioners. As explained, this will allow for more interaction with police professionals and civic leaders and infuse more ideas into the actions and works of the committees.

The PCAC will be promoting active committees charged with defined functions and expectations as outlined in the By-Laws. Reports on committee activities will be given (briefly) at all dinner meetings, and will be posted on this web site. Any suggestions or contributions to the committees for consideration and review will be gladly entertained. The PCAC enjoys a membership in excess of 280 actively serving and retired Police Commissioners, all of whom have experiences and knowledge to share.

The Committee Chairmen assigned by the President for the two years, and the members of those committees assigned by the President and Committee Chairmen is as follows:

Finance Committee:

Commissioner John Landolfi (North Branford) Chairman.

Commissioner Deborah Wright (West Haven)

Commissioner David Palumbo (North Branford)

Legislative Committee:

Commissioner Scott Bates (Stonington) Chairman

Commissioner George Kain, PhD, (Ridgefield)

Chief Gary MacNamara, Fairfield Chief

Nominating Committee:

Commissioner, President PCAC Peter Torrano (Norwalk) Chair Commissioner, Assistant Treasurer Tom Heavren (Berlin) Commissioner, Parliamentarian Milton Thomas (Stamford) Commissioner Paul Ciochetti (Waterbury)

Commissioner Emeritus Harold Osgood, Norwalk

Meritorious Service Award Committee:

Commissioner Christopher Cozzi (North Branford) Chairman

Commissioner Bill Illingworth (East Haven)

Chief Robert Nivakoff, Stamford PD

Reverend Lindsay Curtis, Grace Baptist Church, Norwalk

Fran Snyder, Concerns of Police Survivors, Groton

Distinguished Service Award Committee:

The Chairman and Committee Members of the Meritorious Award Committee will incorporate this committee into theirs for uniformity.

Program Planning Committee:

1st Vice President Commissioner Willie Pabon (New Britain) Membership is still open. Volunteers welcome.

Membership Committee:

Secretary/Commissioner Eugene O’Neill (Bridgeport)

Membership is still open. Volunteers welcome.

Special Events Committee:

Commissioner Carol Bryan (Branford) Chairman

Commissioner Sandy Wright (East Haven)

Commissioner Lisa Yarbor (West Haven)

President/Commissioner Peter Torrano (Norwalk)

By-Laws Revision Committee:

Parliamentarian/Commissioner Milton Thomas (Stamford) Chairman

Commissioner Lisa Yarbor (West Haven)

Emeritus Commissioner Harold Osgood (Norwalk)

Education Committee:

Commissioner Frank Cipriano (Middlebury) Chairman

Branford Chief John DiCarlo, PhD

Patrick Morris, PhD, Sacred Heart University

Commissioner Sam Bergami (Milford)

Commissioner Walter Bertotti (Naugatuck)

The PCAC encourages and welcomes any additional Commissioners or persons recommended by Commissioners wishing to serve on any of the listed committees. For practical purposes the PCAC would like to limit membership to six persons per committee. Please contact President Pete Torrano at 203-847-2940 if you have an interest in assisting by sitting on a committee. The President and Committee Chairmen reserve the right to place members on committees determined by their interest and particular qualifications.

There are going to be several upcoming events that should be of interest to all Commissioners. Chief Tom Flaherty, Director of POST has graciously offered to host a tour of the training facility at POST, and Commissioner Sam Bergami has arranged for a tour, talk and lunch with Doctor Henry Lee at the new forensic teaching facility at the University of New Haven (bring your camera). The date for each of these events is being worked out, and notices will be sent to all members to allow for the opportunity to attend.

The Education Committee will be looking into arranging seminars designed to assist Commissioners perform their duties. Shortly, a questionnaire will be mailed out to all members asking for your input as to what you would like to see in the way of instructional and informational seminars.

The Legislative Committee, under the leadership of Commissioner Bates, who has already written a widely published article on behalf of the PCAC, and appeared on two separate radio programs will be meeting with legislative leaders and with other like minded associations to assist law enforcement advance legislation that benefits law and order in our society. Should any Commissioner have a wish to supply input, or to assist the committee please contact the PCAC and we will put you in touch with Commissioner Bates. Email:

Check out the Past Events section of this site for the March Meritorious Award Dinner and the May Distinguished Chiefs Award Dinner for photos and information about the recipients.

We encourage all Commissioners and their guest(s) to attend the upcoming events and dinners, and to join with your fellow Commissioners in advancing the PCAC Mission.

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